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The Book Of Obsidian Fundraiser Project: Jun 2020 Update
Update posted by Mumia Obsidian Ali On Jun 07

6:30 AM 6/7/2020 Sun

Good morning,

I'd meant to do an update on things last month, but May 2020 has been very busy for me, which is always a good thing in my book, pardon the pun! So, much to report, so let's get right to it!

First, I am very happy to report that "Vol. 1" of "The Book of Obsidian" is now complete! Just had to tighten up the glossary section of the book, but it's all over but the shouting now and that one is in the can. That brings me to the second item on the list today: "Vol. 2" of "The Book of Obsidian" is NOW underway, with a baker's dozen's worth of chapters done! In fact, I'm hoping to have both that book and my "top secret" third book project done just in time for the Fall 2020 season to begin, so we're looking at late Sep of this year, if not sooner!

So, that means that there's still plenty of time for what's known in the book business as "co-creation" - if YOU have any ideas for "The Book of Obsidian, Vol. 2" that you think should be included in the book, please let me know - you can hit me up at: [email protected]! It will follow the same format as Vol. 1, with the book being divided into two sections: the "Macro", where I discuss contemporary dating and mating issues from a bird's eye point of view; and the "Micro", where I deal with these issues but from the individual Black man's perspective and what he can do to maximize his chances out on today's Black American dating and mating landscape - a minefield for sure. Much of the material will once again be drawn from my weekly columns over at "the Black Juggernaut" the Negromanosphere website and once again I am indebted to Mr. Oshay Duke Jackson for his eternal support.

In reference to the aforementioned "top secret" third book project I'm embarking on, I've been pulling together the notes for it for quite sometime now and I am now ready to get writing in earnest, which is projected to take place between now and late Sep 2020 (hoping to wrapup sooner!). I can't go into much detail about it, other than to say that it will be quite different from the first two books, both in format and topic - and if you think that the first two were something, just you wait until you see this one! Whew!

Finally, a word about another major event and milestone for me and this little thing of mine I call Obsidian Radio. As many of you know, I had been in self-imposed exile from Facebook and had never even looked at Instagram for nearly five years(!). I was able to accomplish much without active, engaged use of social media, something I admittedly wasn't very good at. Since operations began five years ago, I've been able to build a viable business, proving that "Black Male Media by Everyday Brothas, FOR Everyday Brothas" COULD work - and DID work.

But, as 2020 loomed into focus late last year, I came to realize that I had taken things as far as I could on my own; it was time to incorporate that much-dreaded social media - and to be more precise, that Facebook/Instagram hybrid - into my plans.

So, beginning with the New Year, that's exactly what I did. Shortly after New Year's Day, I created an Instagram account; and in Apr of this year, I rejoined Facebook. After studying others in the field (who, in a very real sense, it can be said that they are more peers now), I learned that a major reason for their success was due to their very engaged involvement with and usage of these platforms; and that if I wanted to get my message out, I would have to do the same.

So, beginning last month, I've been making lots of "ad buys" on Facebook and Instagram - starting slow and small, just to see how things would go. To my pleasant surprise, the reception, reaction and feedback has been warm and inviting! I have now begun an active, ongoing promotional budget to use with FB/IG (Twitter as well, but more on that in a future update - stay tuned!) - which, if you will kindly refer to the "Book of Obsidian" GoGetFunding frontpage, is "baked in the cake" in terms of budgeting, etc. (the pie-chart says it all). And actually, ad rates and the like are MUCH cheaper than I had initially planned for - meaning, that I'm getting a lot more bang for the buck! What a bargain, right?

So, now more than ever, I thank you all for your ongoing support. You can contribute to the book fundraiser as early and as often as you like, no amount is too big or too small - and by all means, please tell your friends! It's about time that the Non-Select Guy has had a Champion...

Now, he has one.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

In much gratitude,

Mumia Obsidian Ali

Jun 7, 2020

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