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CU Women’s Ultimate Team Quandary playing #1 ranked UCSD at 12pm PST live streamed on UltiWorld
Update posted by Stacy Gaskill On Feb 15

The following was posted by UltiWorld.co

Quandary are embracing their youth movement, with arguably the best rookie class of the entire college division. Stacy Gaskill and Skye Fernandez are as close as it comes to five-star recruits, and they have their U20 teammate Bailey Shigley with them for good measure. Colorado doesn’t have to wait for these rookies to get up to speed, they’re going to be the ones setting the speed in any game they play.

Adding Stacy Gaskill and Skye Fernandez to a team with Bailey Shigley and Saioa Lostra seems a little unfair. Even ignoring the fact that Shigley, Fernandez, and Gaskill have played together on the 2018 U20 national team, they’re all individual talents that are truly two-way players.

The game against UCSD looms large, but apart from that, Colorado should have pretty smooth sailing as they start their season in San Diego. Their ceiling is nothing short of the tournament title, and their floor is likely still making the bracket.

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