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Vivaldi Metal Project 2nd Studio Album Featured Guitarists
Update posted by Vivaldi Metal Project On May 18

Epic thanks to our amazing guitarists 🎸 that recorded in our upcoming album! 💙🤘

Leonardo Porcheddu, Francesco Corapi, Michele "Dr.Viossy" Vioni - Official, Andy Martongelli, Marco Sfogli, Luca Colombo, Jennifer Batten Music, Joel Hoekstra, Chris Caffery, Roy Z, Joe Stump, James Zeal, Clement Botz, Kelly SIMONZ, Bill Hudson, Niklas Johansson, Andreas Kisser, Benjamin Lechuga, Frank Caruso, Roberto De Micheli, Milan Polak, Nils Courbaron, Ivan Mihaljevic, Roger Staffelbach

PRE-ORDER our new album at https://gogetfunding.com/vmp2 choose your perk and support the creation of our 2nd studio album!

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