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Mistheria talks about sound engineer Ivan Moni Bidin
Update posted by Vivaldi Metal Project On Apr 07

I could never thank our "Man" Ivan Moni Bidin enough! His mixing work at Artesonika Recording Studio is simply epic!! A double-album of our kind is certainly one of the biggest and most demanding jobs a sound engineer can tackle. Double album, hundreds of artists, orchestra, choir, hundreds of tracks per song, and the full list of twenty pieces completed. First round of mixing is done, and now we're starting all over again for the details and finishing touches.

I sincerely believe that Ivan is the only one who has the strength, the patience, the concentration, the tenacity, and the skill to be able to complete a job of this magnitude. Once again, thanks Man for everything and for loving the project! You're The Best! 💙

- Mistheria

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