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Who has played this game, who remembers this game? /check the link below/
Update posted by Shelter AMOS On Nov 06



Come on friends, we are in dire need of#food for Our and Your Protectors, due to our serious health problems which have resulted in daily hospital visits, examinations and analyzes ... we are prevented from being hyperactive and finding different ways such as "spells and stunts" so as to provide food for the Protectors sheltered until they are adopted at Amos Shelter. Therefore, we ask you to do your best to help us by sharing, spreading this news and the urgent need to find good, noble and willing people who would wholeheartedly wish to help us provide (buy) food for the month of November, to feed the 70 souls we have sheltered and make sure that they don't stay with an empty stomach even half a day. We need food, please donate food, every amount counts.

You can donate at #Paypal [email protected]

*marked: "for food"

Tnx for caring and sharing <3

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