Updates on Helping the victims in Laos country

Helping the victims in Laos Country
Update posted by Donekham Panyavong On Oct 28

Laos News Agency reported that Initially, there were 1,005 families affected, with about 34 missing. The government now provides urgent assistance in food, shelter and clothing. Necessities By joining the army Police office Ready to mobilize vehicles in every way to help those who are still stuck.

ABC Laos News reported that authorities have accelerated the use of ships to evacuate victims from San Chai City. Which is the location of the Xe-Pian Xe-Namnoy hydroelectric power project After the water level rose quickly With a warning to evacuate at high altitude

The government announced the flood area of Sanam Chai as a national emergency zone. As well as giving to the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare Cooperate with the Ministry of National Defense, Attapeu Province and other relevant sectors to speed up the establishment of a committee responsible for To be a center for coordination, raising funds, as well as receiving help and donating necessary items from all sectors, both in the central and local areas. Entrepreneurs and general people who are generous As well as opening a donation center

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