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Update posted by Benjamin Ott On Apr 09

We have really nice plans for creating an equivalent of the Wizard Cards (WoP)! This will be a lot of work and time to put into and since the creation of about 50 'cards' is a very out-of-the-ordinary project, we find it only suitable to use some of the money of your donations as salary for our amazing illustrator!

If you want to give us permission for using 10€ to [insert amount of donated money]€ of your donation for this cause, then please write a comment below! If you agree with this, you will receive the very exclusive 'Wizard Card Backer' Achievement, of course with a different name!

We will of course inform you how much money we will end up using if you gave us a possible range and everything else we have will - as planned - be used for advertisements.

PS: Allowing us to use money on this project will not influence your rewards in any way, other than you additionally receiving the achievement. All donations until the 15th of May will be considered.


Hi, I’d like to donate 10€ for the wizard cards project!

Miriam Diaz

Update posted by Jan 02


I give permission to use the desired money for the wizard cards :D

Madelaine Lundsby-Thomsen

Update posted by Apr 09

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