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Thoughts and Updates from Eeva's Husband Erki on Nov 4th 2019
Update posted by Eeva Tiivas On Nov 04

The following thoughts have been written by Eeva's husband Erki.



I wish to express my gratitude and give you an update on what has been happening over recent days...

So much has changed since that summer day when we found us on this road of fighting for Eeva’s life. For me it has been time of profound reading, consulting with different doctors, searching for additional treatments that people with glioblastoma have used and survived. Not much time to spend with my children, many free time activities have been postponed for the future. My love for my wife and children keeps me going.

I am ever so thankful to people who have decided to give their helping hand. Our parents take care of household chores and help with children, my father has collected a remarkable amount of information on health issues.

Friendships have reached the magnitude I could never have imagined. People we do not know phone us, send letters with their knowledge and thoughts and best wishes, compassion and prayers. I am in tears just because of how moving all of this is.

I am so thankful to the doctors who have their hearts in helping Eeva, who are ready to consider and use additional and not yet acknowledged possibilities that have brought some people back to life. All the possible side effects are a trifle compared to the fate that expects those who remain waiting... It is so important to have hope. We don't know how it will eventually turn out, but we are doing absolutely everything we can to save Eeva's life.

All materials and all discussions with doctors, specialists and people with necessary knowledge have given ideas and hope. I trust the Creator.

I have never in my life experienced such an immense energy and how it connects and empowers. Despite of the sad background it is such a great feeling…. so powerfully that I cannot describe it in words... this is the power of unconditional love. As strange as it may sound, I'm happy and grateful for this feeling!

Eeva's story is complicated because the illness does not have one specific cure. Hope is found in a combination of conventional and alternative medicine that has successively cured patients, though their number is still minor. With our active attitude and with the help of doctors we wish to give our contribution in finding cure that would help Eeva and later many others.

We currently know of two alternative methods that have helped people to recover. One is using medical cannabis that is extracted from certain type of cannabis plant, administered orally, first by holding a small drop under the tongue and then swallowing it. Human endocannabinoid system activates the curing process. We have already been to the USA to get the cannabis treatment, but unfortunately the trip was cut short because Eeva's health deteriorated fast. Too much time had passed since the operation in August. We had to urgently return to Estonia to be ready for the second operation.

Nevertheless the trip was useful because while in the States we received information about another alternative method - medicine cocktail. The strategy of such cocktail is adding many different medicines that at first sight have nothing to do with cancer, on top of conventional cancer treatment. It creates synergy effect that leads to the retreating the cancer.

There are many mechanisms that make such medicine cocktail function and every person needs a personalized cocktail.It is a big challenge to find a proper combination. On top of that the content of the cocktail must change in time depending on which state the cure currently is. There are about 10-15 medicines taken daily. Eeva's exact combination is still being discussed. The speed of the illness does not leave much time for testing. There will be a positive change or not. It's all so complicated because there is no universal truth. I wish to share the link to a documentary that explains the strategy of the medicine cocktail https://www.survivingterminalcancer.com/

The whole road has been both time and money consuming. We have exhausted our family’s financial possibilities within four months, but the journey of fighting cancer is still ongoing. That is why we have turned to public and asked for help.

Dears, looking at Eeva’s donations bank account was very emotional! Our gratitude is immeasurable! Today the donations have exceeded 74 000 € which is 74% of the target.

Our main expenses are connected to what was described above: medicines, including the medical cannabis, necessary trips for cure abroad and accommodation there, and for the additional research. Some expenses will be connected to maintaining Eeva's quality of life, therapy and rehabilitation. An honest answer is that I don't know the exact amount we will need during this journey. 100 000 € was a sum estimated by people who have experiences in a similar situation before. The potentially excessive amounts will later on be donated to the benefit of people with similar diagnosis. We will keep you posted.

How long will our journey be? Estimated time could be from half a year to a couple of years. The recession of cancer might even happen quite fast but that does not mean that the illness has been cured, we need time to make it all last. We are keeping track at all the decisions that are made during this journey and are trying to make the best choices for Eeva's welfare.

There have been so many questions from the day we went public and I have tried to answer as many as possible and I apologize if there are some left unanswered. I just have not managed yet. Me and my friends will try to answer everyone who has turned to us. We are thankful to everyone who has volunteered to help us with their knowledge, means or actions. In so many cases we have received additional valuable information.

I have been away from work for four months now. My clear priority is to help Eeva. Anything else would not be an option to me. This choice has had its cost, but I trust life and hope that the customers of my small company value our work and find us nevertheless. I am so grateful to the dedicated employees of our company, who try hard and cover for me as much as they can.

Our experience has made us believe that combination of different spheres is most helping -conventional medicine, naturopathy, spiritual studies, dealing with consciousness and emotions, nutrition, food supplements, physical activity, sleep, etc.-Everything has its crucial role. For every person the balance of factors is different.

Today is Monday and Eeva is having the operation that will last from early morning till the afternoon. We are fully concentrating on it and hope that the operation will succeed as well as possible.

Thank you everyone for thinking of Eeva and supporting her through your thoughts!

It is priceless for our family. Thank you!

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