Updates on Kick-start to Business for Abused-Survivor

Official Online Store - www.thehnscollections.com
Update posted by Mohammad Juani Ihsan Holdegaard On Oct 20

While waiting for the crowdfunding support, the concept and products is now available for the online store.


The basis is done. The next step shall be choosing of attractive products to entice online shoppers.

I appeal to the mass public, entrepreneurs and philanthropists to give this survivor a chance to start a new life with the above website online store. With the possibilities of funding support, jobs will be created where kindness shall be able to also be paid forward for breadwinners or individuals to earn income to support their families.

The website is designed by the survivor, Mr. Sufyan himself, working long hours learning from youtube to make a difference.

Below are the crucial kickstart expenses from the crowdfunding / any individuals of entrepreneurs and philanthropists willing to assist with the funding :-

1. Business registration in Johor, Malaysia of a 100% foreign owned company due to a fact that Mr. Sufyan is a foreigner. Malaysia have been the country that contributed Mr. Sufyan's improved health due to its holistic life environment.

2. Securing rental of Business Office - https://www.propertyguru.com.my/commercial-property/citrine-hub-for-rent-by-roy-chan-25579193

3. Business Office Renovation with Fixtures, fittings, furnishings, office equipments and most importantly, storages for the products to fulfil sales orders.

4. International Business Trading license, visas and all other necessary documents and licenses so as to abide with the country's business laws and requirements.

5. Purchase Orders and Liaison with product suppliers

6. Liaison with external international shipping company to collect daily orders for deliveries across the world.

7. Manpower. Employment of marketing and sales specialists with support staffs to pack and prepare the paid products to be delivered accordingly.

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