Updates on Kick-start to Business for Abused-Survivor

Update posted by Mohammad Juani Ihsan Holdegaard On Oct 20

Our branding name is “The H&S Collections”.Our products are basically retail therapies for the mass public.Employment opportunities shall be available to the locals of Malaysian as one of the criteria of employment.We are very selective in choosing the right staffs that have the right attitude to join our team on a long term basis.

It is crucial to have good customer services even though it is online.One of our goal is to provide online customers information on deliveries, such as tracking number etc. before they even need to ask for anything.

Thus, it is very important that for the first 1-2 months upon receipt of funding support, we are well equipped, organized, ready in terms of system, supplier commitments with our legal agreements, insurances and human resource.

With the success of the funding opportunity, we shall also then have the abilities to start executing various tasks especially recruiting, continuous R&D, IT Solutions and further Web- store Creation, to finalize the entire project.Our web stores having Mobile/Tablet Apps for shopping conveniences with member’s Free Trial, Annual subscription fees for discounts and to enjoy promotional items.This will be one part of our marketing strategy.

There are many things that can be sold that shall benefit our online customers.There is always a need for fashion accessories be it men or women.Further, online shopping is often addictive.Thus, that will be where the increase in our sales shall come in.With promotions and creating excitement for the online shoppers, we can bring from start-up to beyond start-up, only then, banks would suddenly be very interested to offer their products and be a part of the business.The company goal is to be a Debt Free Company, with more than sufficient cash flows and with time to pay kindness forward through donations to others as well.
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