Updates on Water is Life… Help us capture rainwater at Naivasha Highway Primary School!

Yay! Exciting update to our campaign!
Update posted by Paige Tantillo On Jun 29

Hello everyone! Hope all is healthy and well. It's been a challenging time for many people. Schools in Kenya have been out of session for quite some time but we do have some excellent news. Our latest update is very exciting! Are you ready?

We have received ALL funds needed to purchase and install the first rainwater tank at the school! It was installed in March, when LIz had the brilliant idea to ask the shop who stocks the rain barrels if we could put a deposit down, have it installed and keep raising funds until we collected enough to pay for it. After putting down a small deposit, in a short time we were able to raise the funds! So grateful and a million thanks to our incredible donors!

The other amazing news is that the tank is FULL OF WATER! It was the perfect time to install and catch the rain during the rainy season. The students will now have enough water to get them through most of the dry season.

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