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October 28, 2019
Update posted by Elsie Natividad On Oct 28

Dear friends and relatives,

God truly poured His blessings for Elmer, through the people who have sent financial assistance, the doctor who did the procedure, the hospital staff, his loveones who were 100% supporting him, his relatives and friends who all prayed for him. His greatest miracle? the success of the procedure, when it could have been fatal.

God is really amazing!

To each and everyone who's been part of this battle, thank you all very much on behalf of Elmer and his family.

This was Elmer's message to us, his cousins last Friday.

He said the doctors told him that it would have been a bypass operation but they decided as a team to carry on with Angioplasty since he is still young. The doctor also told him that his arteries' structure are very complicated and there's one particular artery that's 100% blocked and they call it "widow maker" because it is fatal. But God has other plans. They were able to dilate it.

"I was praying earnestly and after what seemed like a very long time, I heard applause and clapping and I knew, even before the doctor told me, that it was successful. I am just so blessed. Thank you all very much"

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