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Help me I'm very poor
Update posted by MD JONY AHAMED On Oct 18

Dear all,

I'm a day laborer. Eat day by day. I have a family. In my family, there are mothers, 1 brother and sisters, and 2 daughters. Dad died two years ago. So in my family, I work alone. My brother will take the HSC exam in 2021 years. And my sister passed the SSC in 2019. And the older daughter is studying at Five. Pay me all their expenses. Yet, like the digital age, the cost of studying for clothing can't make everything better. They all grieve for me. But I can do nothing because my income is low.

I have been suffering for a long time. I have a few types of disease in my body. Kidney disease is one of them. Before this disease sometimes there was a lot of pain in the marrow. He had been suffering from this disease for about 6 months. When I showed the doctor, the doctor said that I had a kidney problem. At the same time, the doctor added that it would cost a lot of money to cure my kidney problem. But I didn't have that much money. Because my income is low, it is not possible to improve my kidney with this income. If any of you can help me with some money, this treatment will be possible for me. If anyone helps me, I will be forever grateful to him.

Please help me.

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