Updates on Love for Merly: Helping her survive hemorrhagic stroke. #MerlyWillMakeIt!

Merly can now strongly grip!
Update posted by Dean Coritico On Oct 14

Merly's condition is improving as she is able to grip strongly recently. She is letting us know that she's fighting! 💪 She also tried to respond when Ritche said I love you -- some teardrops flow from her eyes so she is very conscious! Doctors recommended that she will undergo early physical therapy and 2D Echo so praying results will be good and that the respirator can now be removed so she can be transferred to a regular room from ICU.

Another praise report, they have to make a P100k down payment to the Medical City tomorrow (running balance is P 700k) and when we helped her husband add all the cash resources on hand now, it's exactly what is needed -- P101k!

Lord, you are an amazing accountant! And thank you so much friends for your generosity. You are truly God's instruments. May you be blessed a thousand fold! ❤️

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