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July 2020 Update
Update posted by Caroline Joy Veronilla On Jul 29

My courageous sister finally underwent stem cell transplant last May. It took a while before we are able to give this update since my sister is still recovering from the procedure as of the moment. Her doctor informed us that the first 100 days after transplant is crucial for her healing.

Thank you for your generosity in prayers and resources. Below is an update from my sister early this month.


"Day 100 is a milestone that many stem cell transplant recipients circle boldly on their calendars as the turning point in their recovery. That's when the greatest risk for critical side effects is past and when the stem cells have engrafted and begun making new blood cells." -MD Anderson Cancer Center

I may not be out of the woods yet but today, I am halfway through this milestone. And, as I mark my Day 50, I am sharing some clips I managed to take during my month long hospitalization.


YT Link: https://youtu.be/WBxPFLHrmqI

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