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April 2020 Update
Update posted by Caroline Joy Veronilla On Apr 17


It means that there is no cancer activity and the remaining tumors are stable in size.

Finally. After 2 years of various treatments. Praise Jesus! 🙌🏻

I am now qualified for a stem cell transplant, which we hope would keep me in remission for many, many years.

With the quarantine situation, it is financially and logistically more challenging. The transplant costs a whooping 2 million pesos and I'm scheduled next month, mid-May.

If you have information on where and how to get funding, contact me. 🤗

You can support and share this fundraiser. Or, directly deposit to my bank accounts:


BPI Savings Account #9329158303

BDO Savings Account #006350105841

I am humbled and grateful to all of you.

I also ask you to continue to cover me and my family, especially my sister who will be my stem cell donor, with prayers.

Transplant is daunting. Plus, we are in the middle of a pandemic! Losing my hair again is probably just the easy part.

But I only have to remember Him who gave me miracles, who lead me to victories. He was with me. He is with me. And, He will be with me. ☝🏻

With hope,

Lenie 🌹

More of my cancer journey at http://lenierose.com

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