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March 2020 Update
Update posted by Caroline Joy Veronilla On Mar 07

This is Lenie Rose. I am writing this update to personally thank all of you who have been supporting me.

The result of my scan last November 2019, which is the previous update in this fundraiser, was unfortunately unfavorable. It showed disease progression on my mediastinum, lungs, kidneys, and aorta. I was not qualified for transplant.

Last December 2019, I started my fourth treatment protocol: 1 intravenous drug, Keytruda, and 2 oral drugs, Ibrutinib and Venetoclax. This costs around Php 600, 000 a month.

I have since recovered from sepsis/bacteremia and underwent ureteral stent replacement.

After 4 infusions of Keytruda, last March 3, I had another PET CT. And, hallelujah! It showed that I responded well to my current treatment protocol, even beyond my oncologistā€™s expectations.

I need a few more Keytruda infusions and another PET CT next month. Then, I will undergo allogeneic stem cell transplant, which costs around Php 2 million. My donor will be my sister, Caroline, who made this fundraiser.

I humbly ask for your continuing support in this fundraiser.

For those in Cagayan de Oro and Manila, Philippines, you may also support Faith Mugs by Lenie Rose at https://www.facebook.com/faithmugsbylenierose and https://www.instagram.com/faithmugsbylenierose/.

With hope and gratitude,

Lenie šŸŒ¹

More of my cancer journey at http://lenierose.com

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