Updates on Rise with Lenie

Lenie just finished her mid-treatment scan!
Update posted by Caroline Joy Veronilla On Nov 22

Our warrior greets everyone a happy Friday! ✨

She just finished her mid-treatment PET CT scan today and is currently resting at home. With two cycles down and an everyday dose of oral chemo, we are hoping that the scan will show results of complete remission so she can proceed with the Stem Cell Transplant before this year ends.

We are confident that the Lord will not leave us during this difficult time but we would greatly appreciate if you can pray for Ate Lenie and for us.

Personally, the misdiagnosis and two failed treatment has made me anxious every time my sister needs to get a scan or see a doctor. I am able to manage it but it doesn't mean it goes away. And I know my sister, my parents, and my brother also experience a form of anxiety. It's really not helpful for our situation but it's something we have to deal with; and we deal with it through prayers. Prayers of faith and hope keep us on our toes. So thank you in advance for praying for our family. You remind us of the peace and rest we find in the Lord.

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