Mar 18, 2020 at 07:45 pm

​Determination ⚡

Update posted by Estelle Jean

We have to admit; the last few weeks have not been easy. This is the consequence of a very tense climate from some of Lesvos locals towards the refugee population, the NGOs and their volunteers. At some point we even had to decide to temporarily close the gym. Luckily only for 2 days, we were determined to open again as soon as possible.

We want everyone to be safe, we want ALL the people in Lesvos to be safe.

We don't want anymore violence, anymore tear gas, anymore aggressions and bad words.
In our gym we offer a safe space. We welcome as many people as possible to build their strength, mentally and physically, and to feel normal and alive.

These women and girls, boys and men are strong, resilient, proud and careful. They come to this club to train, to challenge themselves. They come to feel that they are a part of this place and that they are responsible for it.

We all come from different farewell horizons but we always find words, moves, expressions to understand each other, teach each other and learn from each other. We give the best of ourselves, and we come out in the cold, rain or heat every time. Not just for the sake of our
training, but because we know we have to be there for each other. It's not only about the sport, it's about being a team, being a family.

In these difficult times there is nothing more important than continuing our work and continue giving motivation.

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