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Update: Rolly's Battle Update
Update posted by Rusela Rambayon On Nov 16

Hi Everyone!

First of all, we want to thank all of you who have sent their warm wishes, prayers and help to our family. You all know who you are. You have been very generous of your love to us and may good karma comes back to you a hundred fold.

The fight is not over!

Our dad was admitted last November 5, 2019 in National Kidney & Transplant Institute due to stomach pains and no appetite to eat. His CT scan shows the tumors are still growing despite chemotherapy and are now obstructing his intestine - because of this, he is unable to eat through mouth in the meantime. His nutrition is going thru IV for now while the doctors (Oncologists, Gastroenterologists and Surgeons) are medically managing his condition. It has been 16 days of confinement and we are advised to complete the 3 sessions of chemotherapy (approximately 7 more days) in the hospital before they can advise if daddy can be sent home.

With this we are appealing once again to your kind hearts for your continuous prayers and assistance in fighting this battle.

Thank you very much and may the good Lord bless all of you!

For donations, you may deposit to accounts below:

Banco De Oro (BDO)

Savings Account Number: 002010260062

Account Name: Rolando P. Rambayon


Philippine National Bank (PNB)

Savings Account Number: 105210030758

Account Name: Rolando P. Rambayon


BPI Family Savings Bank

Savings Account Number: 6136272614

Account Name: Rolando P. Rambayon


Metrobank and Trust Company (Metrobank)

Checking Account Number: 0967096534856

Account Name: Rusela G. Rambayon

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