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Update #1: Wow oAo
Update posted by Pamela Punzalan On Sep 04

Hi, everyone! I woke up to a LOT of support, both from this campaign and from the signal boosting that has taken place on Facebook and Twitter. THANK YOU SO MUCH! The messages I have received from people fill my heart with love and gratitude. To those who have pledged: please don't forget to contact me when you'd like a copy of my games, as my way of paying you back for this!

For those of you who want alternative ways of supporting me during this campaign, please consider checking my itch account out. I have created an Unsale for nearly all of my games! Also, flagship roleplaying game to date, Sundo, is 50% off for the next two weeks.

Thanks for checking in, everyone! Stay tuned for more updates across the month.

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