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Our Cycling Fundraiser Is Now Live!
Update posted by James Ouma On Sep 01

On December 12th 2019, I will be cycling together with other team of cyclists. Our cycling event will start from Nairobi and end beyond the shores of Lake Victoria. This will be the second time we will be cycling to raise awareness about our Restorative Justice Program and funds for our work.

Fundraising proceeds will directly support Lifesong Kenya's program. that help juvenile offenders exit prison with employable skills.We cannot do this alone and need your help, participation and support.

You can join as a cyclist, event planner, fundraiser and support crew. Start supporting now and share as widely as possible.


Half Way Cycle 2019 Prep Day 33 (of 133) Last month, I only managed to cycle 9 times and failed to keep up with my preparation for this year’s Half Way Cycle event that will kick off on December 12, 2019. I’ve been caught up with our prison REAM Program. Much as I felt bad not cycling, I am also glad I helped settle our incoming class of 13 boys into our program. This is the sole reason why I am cycling, by the way. Distance: 70.45km Duration: 3:43:41 Elevation: 739m

James Ouma

Update posted by Sep 03


Awesome! Gearing up for the ride!

Edward Mbogo

Update posted by Sep 02

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