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Fundraiser for 194 Iron Sheets
Update posted by TRUTH RESTORATION CHURCH On Aug 20

We're a church located in Iganga District, Uganda -East Africa. God enabled and we purchased 2 acre piece of land and it is where we are currently constructing a church building, we have opened this fundraiser specifically to raise funds for purchasing 194 Iron Sheets for roofing, it will take 200 Iron Sheets to roof the whole structure but God provided us with 6 Iron sheets that were donated to us on the 19/08/2019.

We're urgently in need of these Iron Sheets because we finished laying the roof poles almost 2 months ago but we didn't have Iron sheets to roof. Sadly, the roof poles are drying up and some rotting due to the constant rains and sunshine. For this case, we are kindly asking for your prayers and support by donating for this noble and divine cause! For more information about Truth Restoration Church, please visit our ministry website www.truthrestorationministries.org


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