Updates on Emergency Open Heart Surgery Operation for Edwin Tuyay

September 5, 2019
Update posted by Bruce Tuyay On Sep 05

Hey all,

Just wanted all of you to know that my dad's surgery went well, he got out of the ICU fast and his recovery is underway. We've had some setbacks like this morning as he tried to stand up and walk around, he got dizzy and his vitals went unstable. Luckily, the staff at the Philippine Heart Center were quick to action and went out of their way to give out extra care to my Dad. News is, he's doing fine now, just resting and trying to recuperate from what happened earlier. He's usually comfortable aside from the nagging pain he constantly feels in his back, the doctors has given him painkillers for it, and he's taking it whenever the pain sets in.

I was with him last night and I'd say that he's doing very well. There's significant change in his extremities from his first two days out of the ICU. Then, he wasn't able to move his arms and legs very well cause they were swollen, but seeing him last night was a sigh of relief as the swelling have subsided and it was visible that he wasn't having trouble with moving his arms and legs cozily. Additionally, he can now somehow support his weight, and would require minimal effort to those who assist him in sitting up. We're only hoping for the best in his recovery.

Please, please, please keep including him in your prayers and if you can, keep sharing his fundraising campaign. It is a long road to 100% but we're gonna take it day by day, as we all understand that everything has its own process. We'd also like to ask, as much as he'd want to accommodate each and everyone of you, to refrain from visiting him, in the meantime, as he needs all the rest he can get.

We really appreciate all the love, support and prayers.

Have a great night. <3


Thanks for the update. Please tell Edwin: huwag magmamadali! Recovery will take a while, and the doctors know which milestones to expect and when. Mas hassle kapag minadali bumalik sa dating gawi, trust me. This is one time when you really have to strictly follow doctors’ orders. There will be therapy once cleared for that na—that will help him get his body back to working condition. Take things one day at a time. Love and prayers to all. 😊❤️

Rowena Santos

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