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Blood Test Result
Update posted by Priscilla Diaz On Aug 16

Abuk’s results came in today:

His WBC, granulocytes and monocytes are increased which indicates an infection. specifically, a bacterial infection. This means that his body is defending itself from the infection. His hematocrit is low which indicates dehydration.

Good news is that his liver and kidney function tests are both normal.

For now, the vet prescribed antibiotics to help fight the ongoing infection.

3 more tests are needed to be done (xray, biopsy, and another blood test to ensure his body can go through the operation).

I will continue to post updates here so you could track Abuk’s progress.

The lump between his eyes is firm on the other half, while the other is tender. His vet might be able to drain pus from the tender side to ease Abuk’s pain.

Below is the prescription from the vet.

Again, thank you all for your donations. I can’t express my gratitude enough.


Hello Priscilla, Please email me the updates of Abuk continully. I have donated $10 again for Abuk Hope Abuk can recovery soon and no pains at all.

Rebecca Tang

Update posted by Aug 17


PS. The results are yet to be printed on Monday. I will upload the copy here right away.

Priscilla Diaz

Update posted by Aug 16

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