Updates on Turbos Cause

Update to the surgery
Update posted by April Murphy On Jul 30

We rushed Turbo to the specialist in Espanola, ON. He said he had never seen a femur condyle fracture in his career like this only in their textbooks. When he opened up Turbos leg he was able to reconstruct the femur and the condyle ligament however he said that there were multiple ligaments that the damage was unrepairable. He did his best and Turbo will need rehabilitation therapy and the long term affects are greater due to now having a joint disease and arthritis will develop. he was awake after surgery and he is being watched carefully overnight. We have to drive 2 hours back out of town to pick him up tomorrow with an extensive post op care package, it’s going to be rough but our Turbo is alright and did not need to be put down :) so we are thankful for that!

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