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First sample kit made and presented!
Update posted by Alfred Jason Abanto On Jul 20

Hi There! Here are some update on whats going on with the project:

First Sample Kit!

With the materials I have so far I was able to put together a sample kit which I'll attach here on this update. I put this together as a means of presenting the project albeit more tangibly to interested donors. Be warned that in the picture the kit is missing some components namely the N20 DC motors and also the 8 pin IC socket but in the actual ones they'll be complete.

Project proposal to a Start up accelerator (Launch Garage)

I recently had the chance to talk to an affiliate of Launch Garage a company that provides advisory and investment services to start ups or new businesses. It's at this meeting that I pitched the idea and presented it alongside the first sample kit I had just mentioned. After the meeting we setup another meeting this Wednesday to further present the idea to the rest of Launch Garage's staff at their partner event called Holochain PH Meetup #2.

Documentation Underway

I've recently finished porting some of my Maze solving code to Karit however I'm cleaning it up as I go so until the launch I'll be holding off on releasing it sorry :(

So far that's pretty much it. I'm working on a version 3 of Karit that I want the kits to be based on , it'll feature a charging module for your batteries since not everyone has a universal charger. Till then I'll be holding off releasing the documentation.

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