Updates on Brain Tumor Surgery for baby jude

Brain Tumor
Update posted by JHON THOMAS LUGTU On Aug 07

We transferred here in National Childrens Hospital last July 24 from St. Luke's BGC due to financial reasons.

After looking at the MRI scans in the ER, we were told by the neuro surgeon that there is a huge possibility that he will never wake up again, pee until all fluids inside his body gets drained, die while being operated or be permanently blind. He then asked us if we are willing to take those risks. He also said that we can opt out for the operation but since the tumor is continuously growing, his shunt will eventually fail in a few months and he will eventually die.

As a parent, we are always willing to give anything uo for our kids, we are always ready to give anything up for them and we will do anything innour power to keep them safe and well. My wife and I both know that the chances for a successful operation is low but we accepted that risk. The surgeon then said that he will conduct the operation on the 31st of July. Our hearts were broken again for the second time.

When we went back to the room, my wife and I started to have second thoughts about the operation. We were both thingking of just going home and enjoy the rest of his days at home wherein our son will be more comfortable, he can sleep without being disturbed by the nurses every couple of hours, IV insertion is not needed and drink his milk through his bottle instead of an NGT.

Two days went by and a new doctor came. The surgeon referred us to an Oncologist after he got the final biopsy results from the previous hospital. It was then explained to us that the type of tumor that he has is a low grade glioma suprasellar mass which is highly responsive in chemotherapy. We now have a new option. A better one in our own opinion because the risks are lower and the success rate is higher but before we decide, the Oncologist wants us to attend a family counseling meeting with all of my son's doctors and hear what everyone has to say because the surgeon wants to conduct the operation while the oncologist wants the therapy.

The next day, the surgeon came to our room, this time he was smiling. He said that he would want us to go with the chemotherapy instead of the surgery because it is safer for Judas.

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