Updates on Skiathos Around the Island Swim

Day 3
Update posted by Raymond Morris On Sep 12

A bit of a bumpy day yesterday (Wednesday). Firstly, the motor on the boat was running slow which turned out to be a fuel problem. Secondly, although it was pretty calm when Ray hit the water at Ag. Eleni, the north wind picked up to 4 Beaufort and it became very choppy, Ray battled on but had two bouts of motion sickness. Thankfully, Sean & Marie Rosie McMonagle are with him the whole time on the boat, and are a constant support to him. Despite the problems, Ray STILL managed to swim 6.5km and made it to the start of the bay of Aselinos. This was a little way short of our plan which was to get to Ligaries, but even so, it was an incredible distance to reach in those conditions. The boat engine was repaired and is running well again. So, today, the plan is to get from Aselinos to Kastro (passing along Megalos and Mikros Aselinos, Ligaries, Kehria, Limenari then finally Kastro. We are not attempting beach collections as these beaches are a bit too difficult to reach. The wind direction today is northerly again, with a 4 Beaufort strength so we will wait to see what happens.......

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