Updates on Skiathos Around the Island Swim

The Start of the Swim and the First Day......
Update posted by Raymond Morris On Sep 11

We were overwhelmed by the kindness and support of friends and supporters who came to the launch of Ray's Around the Island Swim Challenge. This is Ray's wife Jacqui doing the updates as obviously right now Ray is swimming again!

Skiathos Island's new Mayor, Thodoris Tzoumas came along to the start and said a few words about what this challenge was all about and then Ray stepped into the water at Bourtzi beach. Accompanied along the old harbour by the Coastguard and our support RIB captained by Sean McMonagle and his wife Marie, Ray set off.

Our collection buckets at the ready, we headed off to the first beach of Siferi, followed by Megali Ammos, Vasilias, Achladies, Sklithri, Janeria, Kanapitsa and finally Vromolimnos.

The weather was good, there was strong-ish wind but it was behind Ray so he made excellent progress.

In total, we raised a whopping 820e on our first day collecting on the beaches. Just incredible.

Here are Ray's stats for Day 1:

Monday 9th September
From Bourtzi Beach to Vromolimnos = 8.23 km
Time taken: 4 hours, 36 minutes
Wind Direction: NE 3 Beaufort
Total Arm Strokes: 6,372
Total Leg Kicks: 25,488
Calories Burnt: 2,357

Day 2 here we come..... Kolios to Agia Eleni.

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