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REVEALED: The Global Spy Network That Controls Us All
Update posted by Suzie Dawson On Oct 06

Hi all -

Suzie is about to head into the 3rd episode of our weekly #1vs5i campaign live-stream event "Opening The Five Eyes: Exposing The Spies" (Sundays at 8pm Eastern - tonight's stream will be available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4OMm83t-wlU)

In case you missed last week's stream, we wanted to make sure that you all had a chance to see/share this epic 10-minute edited clip, which includes an easy-to-understand diagram Suzie created to explain what the NSA's "global network" that controls most of the world is, how it functions, how information flows down from the ivory towers to the chumps on the ground and back up again. Please click here to view and share it!

Suzie is once again putting her life on the line to educate the global public about the crimes that are being committed against them, and in their name, by out-of-check intelligence agencies. It is vitally important that you help to protect her by lending your vocal and financial support to this campaign. We deeply appreciate the ever-growing number of supporters getting on board and building towards success together!

Here are the key steps to take and please encourage others to:

Thank you so much for your support of Suzie and the broader aims of this campaign, it means the world to Suzie and her family!

The 1vs5i Campaign Team

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