Sep 12, 2019 at 06:36 pm

New short vid from Suzie: 'I Got It!' What's Next?

Update posted by Suzie Dawson

It's been a huge week for Suzie, thanks to a just decision from the Russian government to review her temporary asylum application. Today, in a new short video Suzie updates us on what has been going on for her and what is next for the campaign.

You can find Suzie's new missive posted on her You Tube channel - if you haven't already, please subscribe!

The #1vs5i campaign is historic and our first real chance at holding these agencies to account in a long time. We will need all of your help to spread the word, recruit new donors and volunteers, to support Suzie and help build a war chest for Suzie's lawyers who are bravely tackling the many legal implications presented by her situation and directly confronting very powerful opponents, for the benefit of us all.

Without a citizenry free from state spying and intimidation, there can be no democracy! Your love, your support, your networking skills and your dollars are making the difference - turning what could easily have been an Orwellian despair into a sincere hope for progress and redress and a golden opportunity to make it happen.

The first leg of Suzie's legal battles are estimated to cost $30,000 - we've already raised the first 15% of that and now need to push hard to snowball the campaign to meet its important goals! So if you know anyone who cares about these issues who has not yet contributed, please send this message their way.

We thank you for all your kind wishes and your integrity in backing this campaign

The 1vs5i Campaign Team

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