Updates on Help me to keep my home and a loving home for abandoned dogs in Cyprus

Breathing space, but still the pressure is on
Update posted by Angie Savory On Jul 20

due to all actions relating to this bank, they are not pushing forward with repossession until September.

The situation is still just as awful, and my dogs risk losing their home, and me with it

Please, please can you share this campaign to all and any friends who support animal welfare, it is the only reason i chose to live in this place - the problem with the bank is my landlord;s, but he is in no position to find the solution, so The dogs would be the guuys who lose big time

if everyone who has viewed this campaign had donated 1€ or 2$, the campaign would have been completely funded by now, please help by sharing or donating if you can, massive thanks to all who have donated until now xxx

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