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June 9, 2019 update for baby Sky
Update posted by Davin Nadal On Jun 09

Baby Skylar's heart is now stable according to her doctors after some procedures done yesterday... ❤️🙏.

She's scheduled for operation tomorrow at 1PM.

Despite some hospital billing collection's advised that her surgery might be reschedule or postpone if we will not be able to pay for at least half of the running bill amounting to 237k pesos.

We are still doing all our best to come up with the needed finances before 1PM tom.


Description of preparation and surgery:

Before the surgery is done, nearly all infants need a breathing device to improve their oxygen levels.

The surgery is done while your child is under general anesthesia (asleep and not able to feel pain). The surgeon usually makes a cut (incision) in the belly under the upper ribs. This allows the organs in the area to be reached. The surgeon gently pulls these organs down into place through the opening in the diaphragm and into the abdominal cavity.

In less severe cases, the surgery can be done using smaller incisions in the chest. A small video camera called a thoracoscope is placed through one of the incisions. This allows the surgeon to view inside the chest. Instruments to repair the hole in the diaphragm are placed through the other incisions.

In either type of operation, the surgeon repairs the hole in the diaphragm. If the hole is small, it may be repaired with stitches. Or, a piece of plastic patch is used to cover the hole.

Resource from Medline Plus website.

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