Updates on Mom & James Volunteer Trip to Kenya

American Teenager In Service to children in Kenya
Update posted by Renata Pawelek Thierer On Jun 05


This is James, I am 14 years old. But I am not a typical teenager my age. I look and act beyond my years.

I live in the most amazing city, NYC, and my mom decided that I have to expand my horizons beyond what I know and make myself useful to other people.

I don’t have any siblings but I like meeting other kids, from various countries.

So, I would like to visit Africa and see if I am able to share something with kids there, my skills ( I play competitive chess ) and work during the summer vacation with kids in Kenya, who don’t have the support, that I have.

Please help me building funds towards our trip to Kenya to work in the orphanage and provide kids who are willing to learn chess with the chess sets, so we can practice and have lots of fun! And give them joy of winning the game!

Thank you for your help!

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