Updates on Critical and life threatening condition, please Help Muffin the ex-breeding, abandoned & rescued Schnauzer dog

Muffin Update #5
Update posted by Kassen Chu On Jun 22

Thanks everyone for your support.

Muffin was having difficulty breathing on 28/5/19, admitted to Westside Emergency/Landon Veterinary Clinic and collapse by them.

As per 14-Jun-2019 medical report from Mount Pleasant Gelenggang.

Muffin was presented on 31/5/19 at Mount Pleasant Gelenggang. Their doctors had noted an increase in upper-airways noise, suggestive of larangeal/pharengeal lesion. An upper airway problem resulting in secondary aspiration pneumonia or non-cardiogenic pulmonary oedema was thought most likely.

An echocariography has luckily ruled out heart failure which Westside Emergency/Landon Veterinary Clinic incorrectly suggested.

Thromboembolic disease (clot) was thought less likely based on Muffin's improvement and the absence of pulmonary hypertension on echocargiography.

Muffin has responded well to antibiotic treatment and has stabilized. Multiple blood tests showed normalization of her inflammatory marker and radiographs showed improvements of her lung lesions.

It appears Muffin still has inherent respiratory issues which would require endoscopy and advanced imaging (CT scan). Due to the need for anesthesia, the risks of anaesthesia; potential for repeat aspiration; the uncertainty of her prognosis and the costs involved, hence doctors have recommended to postpone this in the mean time. As such, this may potentially be a recurring issue 😭.

We must thank the doctors at Mount Pleasant As per 14-Jun-2019 medical report from Mount Pleasant Gelenggang for their diagnosis, recommendation, and care for Muffin, very glad we made the right decision transfer Muffin out from Westside Emergency/Landon Veterinary Clinic.

Muffin continues to recover under the fosterer's care. She will need to finish her antibiotics and continue to monitor her respiration to ensure it is within range, restrict her exercise and avoid heat stress.

Thanks for all your support, please help us spread the word to help meet our goal 🙏🏼.

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