Updates on Critical and life threatening condition, please Help Muffin the ex-breeding, abandoned & rescued Schnauzer dog

Muffin Update #2
Update posted by Kassen Chu On Jun 01

Muffin was safely and successfully transferred to the Mount Pleasant hospital yesterday morning by her 2-human team Kassen (fosterer) and the rescuer. She did very well putting on a brave face and stayed calm in the car, although she remained on oxygen during the 30 min ride. Special thanks to the bystander Uncle who offered us a ride out of good will, as it was impossible to get a taxi at the time and one who would accommodate a dog.

At Mount Pleasant, Muffin was given an echocariography. The doctors are suspecting that her complications were a result of a throat and lungs infection. At this preliminary stage, they suspect that the cause may have been result of being debarked by her breeder, which is a surgery to remove the tissue from the vocal cord to permanently damage her throat, preventing her from barking. The doctors now recommend for a CT scan for more in-depth analysis, but we must wait until Muffin's condition becomes stable enough before we proceed. For now, doctors have put her on medication and will continue to monitor her situation at the hospital.

As of May 31st, the cumulative medical bill incurred is $4,302.46 (refer to photos). As mentioned, Muffin will need to do a CT scan, which we provision for another $2,000-$3000 (along with medications, consultations, etc).

Muffin's 2-human team will continue to fight hard alongside Muffin for her road to recovery and do everything we can, but we really need your financial support to keep this hope alive. No amount is too small, any contributions from you will go a long way. We sincerely thank everyone for their contribution and hope you can continue to help Muffin 🙏

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