Updates on Sonia’s Medical Fund

The Final Tally
Update posted by Rowena Santos On Jun 24

So, GoGetFunding recorded that only 16% of our target amount was raised--raised online, that is. Offline, it's another story--while you helped us raise a huge amount online Php167,650, you also helped us raise a whopping Php361,235 offline! This all came to a total of Php528,885--more than half of our target amount! Paid for a lot, we can tell you that. While expenses continue for Sonia's home care, Sonny, Dino, and I are grateful--nakakataba ng puso ang tulong na ibinigay niyo sa amin.

HOW SHE'S DOING: Mom's recovery has been slow, but she is improving--getting feistier by the day, barking orders to whomever is assisting her about how to help her reposition her body, how to bathe her properly, how to hold her feeding tube properly, etc etc. We're just working on getting her blood's clotting time back to her normal values, and we continue to manage her Parkinson's issues. Otherwise, everything else looks generally good--lungs sound clear, blood chem is normal, blood oxygen levels are good. It's one of those "mental games" now--we've done all we can (and continue to do so) to help her get better, it's up to her now to find and sustain the desire and will to heal.

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