Updates on Sonia’s Medical Fund

Rest day
Update posted by Rowena Santos On Jun 09

DAY 16 (Sunday): So, because Sonia’s “visa” to the Pearly Gates has not yet been approved, she’ll be with us for a while. We are very happy about that, of course! Thanks to all of you who are helping us make it possible. ❤️

Today is a rest day in preparation for tomorrow’s procedure—the insertion of a PEG. Looking forward to getting that over with so she can finally go home. .

NOW PLAYING: Pearly Shells (and the rest of the Hawaiian Album) by the Ray Coniff singers. What a hoot! 😜 It’s giving me major flashbacks to our childhood. This album, as well as the Honey album, was played on repeat on our portable turntable back in the day. (Movie themes by Michel Legrand, next.

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