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Ready for the PEG?
Update posted by Rowena Santos On Jun 07

DAY 14 (Friday): So, she moved to a new room again. She's out of the Telemetry unit and is now in a regular room. Yay! Progress. Still on the Cardiovascular floor, with windows facing southeast (I think) this time. If you look closely, you'll see the dome of the church near her home (Sta. Clara de Montefalco). 😊

She had a meltdown last night, with feelings of persecution, paranoia, and all things negative. That's what happens to her when she's been in the hospital and lying on her back for a long time. She was in a better mood this morning. But we told her doctors that, if she's not going home yet, she will need to get off the bed, sit on the chair, use the bathroom, etc. - - all with assistance, of course.

Part of the reason why she's still here is that she's still trying to decide whether she wants a PEG, or g-tube, inserted so that she can ingest her food and medicines via that. Since she's at risk for aspiration, and is unable to properly chew and swallow most of the time, a feeding tube might be a good way to prevent future aspirations, and to ensure the optimum intake of nutrients. She and I had a conversation about it this morning, and she said yes.

Whether she will remember that conversation or not remains to be seen. But I told her doctor already. So they'll bring in the gastro-enterologist to assess her and explain the procedure to her. Once again, fingers crossed.

And, once again, thank you.

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