Updates on Sonia’s Medical Fund

She’s out of the ICU!
Update posted by Rowena Santos On Jun 06

DAY 13 (Thursday): FINALLY! Sonia is out of the ICU! She’s been moved to the Telemetry unit on the Cardiovascular floor—she will still be monitored almost as closely as she was in the ICU, but now she can have someone with her in the room. Visiting hours are also not as restricted as in the ICU. Plus, she now can see outside through windows that face east

The latest chest X-ray and ultrasound showed her lungs are now clear but she’ll need to beef up the production of albumin (a kind of protein) in her body to lower the risk of developing fluids again. For this one, proper diet is key. But since she’s already having a challenging time chewing and swallowing, the doctors recommend the insertion of a g-tube (or PEG), a feeding tube that goes straight to the stomach, so that she receives the right amount of nutrients. She hasn’t said “yes” yet, but we’re not getting violent reactions from her. Fingers crossed she agrees.

Now, the chest exams also got a glimpse of the liver. They saw a mass in the liver that they may refer to the gastroenterologist who may need to look into it. It never ends... Hay

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