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Update: 7/12/2019
Update posted by Carlo Prejido On Jul 12

It's been so busy and it was like a snap when it all happened. JuLy 1st was when we went back to East Avenue Medical Center to get Mom's surgery schedule. We all thought we will be advised to go back for admission. To our surprise! Mom was advised she needs to get admitted that same day to get prioritized for OR schedule since she's a Sr. Citizen.

We were unprepared. No bag of clothes, no nuthin.

So we waited for the next available room! We ate in the coop canteen. It was raining hard that afternoon til evening! We kept on waiting until around 6pm we were told therevs already a room available. Alas! We felt relieved somehow... the stress was kicking in.. Tired and worried about what's going to happen.

I prayed... Mom prayed.. We prayed and thanked God for he guided us and showed us the way.

The doctor who assisted us was also happy to let us know he got us a descent room.

Thanks to courier services I had our stuff prepared by my sister and had it delivered the same night!

To Be Continued..

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