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UPDATE: May 15, 2019 (Day 26)
Update posted by April Royce Placito On May 15

As we already maxed out our HMO assistance, we have decided to transfer hospital to minimize our expenses. But as we waited for any vacancy in the hospital that we are transferring to, we eventually tripled up our bill. We have asked for our total bill amounting to more than half million and deducted his PWD discount and HMO assistance. Not to mention the haggling and the negotiations we have done to lessen up the expenses. We then added every single help that we have received from family, friends, colleagues, former schoolmates and those who were touched by his story and gave donations online to accumulate for the remaining amount that we need to pay. However, it wasn't sufficient that we have processed for a promisory note instead just to transfer hospital yesterday.

Below is the final diagnosis of Tatay upon discharge at Qualimed Hospital Iloilo:

Acute Respiratory Failure Type 2 Secondary to Neuromuscular Weakness; Hospital Acquired Pneumonia; Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

Currently, we are at ICU Isolation at West Visayas State University Medical Center or frequently called Don Benito. Treatment is being continued for his Acute Respiratory Failure. He's still on ventilator and intubated yet we are already done with his antibiotics for his Hospital Acquired Pneumonia.

Visiting Hours: 10am-11am and 5pm-6pm

Still, we are humbly asking for any donations that you may extend. It will be a great help for us to pay for our balance at Qualimed at the same time aid our everyday expenses at Don Benito.

Your prayers are very much welcome. We truly believe that miracles do happen. Please help us pray for it. 😍🙏

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