Updates on URGENT Help needed please for Timaru Masjid

Timaru Masjid and Community Centre
Update posted by Teh Arpah Zakaria On May 13

Alhamdulillah and Thank you to all the generosity from the community for the last few days..We are very humble to your kind deed..We have reached 10% of the donation and hoping if people can share it to wider community to help us purchase the building for our Masjid.

May Allah S.W.T give you the highest Jannah..Jazakallah Khair


Thank you for everyone generosity..It is now less than 2 months before settlement date and we still in desperate need of help from wider community..Please share this link to everyone out there to help us make this first Timaru Masjid project come true..Jazakallah Khair

Teh Arpah Zakaria

Update posted by Jul 09



Hendriani Trisaptayuni

Update posted by May 13

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