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Day 6
Update posted by Katie Longhurst On May 06

UPDATE DAY 6 . 41 KILOMETERS THE HIGHEST SINCE I STARTED . Job 17:9 “The righteous keep moving forward, and those with clean hands become stronger and stronger.”
I started the day much earlier today headed to the west , much much stronger than even when i first begun this walk . Although the feet did hurt from the pain of the blisters at one point the pains ceased I don't know how ..Soon after I had started my sixth day missionary journey I received a message from a group of pastors and some who run orphanages in our region and I quote ; (WE WILL NO LONGER CALL YOU PASTOR ROBERT BUT APOSTLE PAUL , BECAUSE WHAT YOU DO , WHAT YOU STAND FOR AND YOUR PASSION TO SERVE OTHERS AND GOD IS WAY BEYOND HUMAN . PRAYING FOR YOU") This words from this men made my day much brighter but would not afford to hold back my tears ,

As I moved I was reminded of our Messiah's entry into Jerusalem when i met this friendly donkey , I thought of sending word to the owner to allow me use it for the rest of my journey but could not , so left her behind.

It was in Chelgo as I headed to the west that I reached a couple going my direction , Eloim led me to interact with them and the Ruack Hakodesh put in my heart to prophesy to the woman whose name was Loice and the man whose name was Robert my name sake that in 3 months Eloim will give them a son and they will call him Samuel ,it's was such good news when loice confirmed the prophesy that is was 3 months remaining and the tests did indicate it was a boy , they later asked so many questions as we walked to how I knew and who i am as we walked to Kapsuser where we exchanged contacts and it was well .

At Kapcheret I found this preganant goat in the middle of a busy road and had to help her cross before seeing a multitude of donkeys passing by.

Heading west still at Tagita I found this young man called Geoffrey who is deaf and dumb he asked me to sit with him because I looked tired which I did .

With my little sign language we shared and he offered to walk with me and help me carry the bag all the way Kaptaget where he offered to buy me water .

After realizing he can read the Bible and interpret very well in sign language I gave it to him as a gift .

I later walked the remaining distance to strike 41 kilometers the highest since I started. Thank you so much for keeping me , KRCH and the congregation in your prayers .

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