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MRI done
Update posted by Katrina Mina On May 03

Thank you for your continuous support! I was able to have my MRI- Internal Auditory Canal with Contrast last night.

I was nervous, scared and all other kind of emotions! (Hormomes maybe) but after I got a hug from my mom I cried. I couldn't help it. I felt like a kid...nagsusumbong sa nanay.

Without words, I was able to tell my mom how scared,grateful and just how overwhelmed I am with everything that is happening to me.

My brother (who also has a rare condition-cavernoma) was also there to remind me that I can do it. That it is OKAY to have this disease. That it would be a looong journey, a lot of people will support and love me.

My dikit pusod- thank you. I know you knew how i felt( twin thing) that is why you never left my side.

Some people might think I am being a drama queen, but I think it is just proper to tell you what I am feeling and update you with what's going on.

Thank you again. Results of the MRI will be on May 7. I'll post another update soon.

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