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How it Began
Update posted by Josh Hendry On Apr 04

Hi Im Josh!

Im the founder of Small To Big FC, I set up this company in the hope to get people into football at all levels, and make sure they never feel alone on the journey.

I was born in Harare, Zimbabwe, and only moved to the UK when i was 8, for me being an African in England was interesting, to say the least!

Because i had an accent, and am a white African man, i was regularly asked "what my hut was like" or "take your shoes off on the gravel you'll feel more at home" so im very aware of what the stigmas are for people with different backgrounds, and how this can put people off playing a game that i love dearly.

I just dont want anyone to feel like that, so im campaigning to help everyone, with all of the media surrounding racism and sexism, i feel there is no better time to fight the cause.

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