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Healing of his surgery
Update posted by Camille Colmenares On Apr 23

Day 24-28 Closure

Some stitches left as cut so deep it takes time to heal. Spam’s middle muzzle moving constantly as air passes. Its a news i am happy to share as for all these years he can finally breath. Its a matter if acceptance. Wounds will always heal slow when immunity is down.

Tumor has definately comeback but we still are working on slowing down the growtg eventually hoping it disappears ❤️

Appetite is slowly progressing as we had some set backs this week when he visited his vet had xray and stool exam. Recovering from it too was difficult since we had to deal with surgery recovery, cancer pain management and now stomach ache.

We are forever grateful for the second life you all have given to spam. As my wallet turns empty you all filled it up. So i thank you all dear fb friends, strangers and my family for keeping an eye on spam and messaging me if im doing something wrong ❤️❤️❤️

Creating cancer awareness also because that is my Personal Cause so you guys wont go through what im currently in. Pls zoom in if its too small.

Raw Meat diet starts na Tmrw. #FightCancerSpam


✔️salmon oil omega 3 once a week

✔️2x a day dog use only hemp oil 1/4 drops

✔️fish diet (real fish or orijen six fish)

✔️fitaaaaaa😩😩😩😩 carbs 👀 cancer food 👀

✔️not spayed

✔️minimal pest control (nexgard every 6months)

✔️gulay n fruits


✔️colloidal silver (10ml/day)

✔️white meat chicken only and liver sometimes

✔️squash, carrots, blueberries and apple

Lets exchange notes incase i missed out on something❤️

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