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Angelita- A survivor of 2 past major left jaw surgery and going for 3rd surgery for replacement of plates and bones.
Update posted by REX CABACCAN On Apr 01

Surgery of left jaw to remove cyst and bone. Replacing into metal plates and bones coming from other parts of her body. It was her 3rd time to undergo this difficulty with the same case. Badly need help to fund her 350K surgery. Reaching out for help.

My mom is now under going surgery. Admitted April 1, 2019. By Exactly 1 pm today April 2, 2019 is her scheduled operation.

Its her 3rd time to undergo on this kind of surgery where her cyst should be removed on her left jaw together with the bone. It will be replaced into metal plates.
At first surgery they removed cyst and bone on her left jaw then they replaced it with metal plates and a bone that came into her pelvic area.

Years later that metal plate and bone was damaged after 6 yrs.

Her second operation was in 2011 when she underwent again with the same surgery but its more complicated. Plates where replaced and bone was taken on her leg(the back part bone of her leg) to put it on her jaw to support the metal plates.

Today April 2,2019 At 1PM(Philippine time) is her schedule for another surgery. I don't have enough fund to support her medical needs and I am reaching out and begging for help. For the past 2 surgeries there were people and organizations to help my mom and today I am reaching out for help again. I am a son an only son with straggling status. I do have work but barely enough to support my mom and dad daily needs. They are both seniors now and I am their only hope.

In advance, thank you all!
God bless!

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