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Update posted by Patrick Franc On Jun 03

Hi everyone,

This will be a short and sweet update! I skipped posting last week because I did not have anything new to report. It’s June 3rd today, a day that I always remember to celebrate. Why? When I had my first hip replaced, back in 1997, after my two-week stay in the hospital, I was strapped into a wheelchair, put on a medical transport bus, and taken to a rehabilitation hospital. It was a beautiful sunny summer day, and I was the only one on the bus. The bus driver had the radio on, and just as we as we were departing, Corey Hart’s song “The 3rd of June ” came on the air. It was the middle of July mind you, but the song’s mellow, summery mood comforted me and gave me hope. Every year since then, I’ve played the song on June 3rd. When my wife wakes up, I’ll do as I do every year, and surprise her by playing the song and we’ll end up slow dancing to it in our living room. (Slow dancing is all I can manage now!)

I did get the report back from the X-Rays I had done of my ribs following the incident that took place a couple of weeks ago. I have a fracture of my left 4th rib with mild displacement. Thankfully, I’m not in any pain. There is some mild discomfort only when pressing on it.

In February of 2018, I slipped on some black ice in my driveway and ended up with a “subacute “ fracture of the 12th and 9th ribs. Those hurt for a long time! They are still sensitive to the touch.

On another note, in keeping with me reinventing myself, I decided to have some fun and have my hair dyed. I was looking for a light, sandy brown colour and even sent photos to my hairdresser a week before my appointment. However, she messed up, and I ended up with muddy “suicide blonde” hair with a tinge of ginger! Although my normal hair colour appears to be dark brown, I also have red highlights in my hair. Those of you who know my sister know that she is a real redhead! So it’s in our genes. Anyhow, the hairdresser made three attempts at rescuing it, but to no avail - my hair would no longer respond. I was supposed to return one week later to have her fix it, but during that time, it grew on me, so I decided to keep it!

Wondering why I always have sunglasses on? It’s to hide the deep dark circles under my eyes that make me look tired and sick – because I am tired and sick! Although, you'd never know it by looking at these photos would you? That's called living with an invisible disease.

Thanks for reading.

Patrick 2.0 - Your Friendly Neighbourhood Bionic Man

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